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We pride ourselves on being the premier logistics provider in New York State.

Leveraging our extensive industry experience, cutting-edge technology, and dedicated team of professionals, we offer comprehensive logistics solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Trust us to optimize your logistics operations, drive cost savings, and deliver unparalleled service quality.

Easy & Convenient

Seamlessly manage your shipments with our dedicated customer support, ensuring hassle-free and transparent logistics solutions tailored to your needs.

Safe & Secure

Prioritizing the safety of your cargo, we follow rigorous safety protocols to safeguard shipments, providing peace of mind and confidence in our reliable services.

Logistics Services

  • Project Forwarding Services

    We offer expert project forwarding services, managing complex logistics for large-scale cargo with precision. Leveraging our industry expertise and network, we ensure timely and safe delivery of your shipments.

  • Supply Chain Services

    We provide tailored supply chain services to optimize logistics. We ensure seamless coordination, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, empowering your business to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace.

  • Road Transport Services

    We offer reliable road transport services specializing in domestic shipping, ensuring timely and secure delivery tailored to your needs. Trust Sehaj Group for efficient, personalized road transport solutions.

Sehaj Solutions

Sehaj Group of Companies is your trusted partner for NY-based logistics excellence, offering tailored solutions in supply chain management, project forwarding, and road transport services.

  • Wholly committed to doing the job right.
  • Customer-centric approach to shipping.
  • Reliability and efficiency from day one.
  • Offering comprehensive solutions.